Dr. Dossett provides consultation for women with psychiatric histories or who are on psychiatric medications and wish to become, or are currently, pregnant or breastfeeding. Many women in this situation value expert opinion on psychopharmacology during the perinatal period in order to make the healthiest, safest choices possible for themselves and their growing child. Dr. Dossett’s services are geared toward women who are already in mental health care, but who want the expert opinion of a reproductive psychiatrist. The in-person consultation is followed by a written report that details the information discussed, as well as an individualized treatment plan for each woman to follow with her own mental health care provider.

In addition to consultations around pregnancy and lactation, Dr. Dossett provides consultation for women during other times of reproductive or hormonal change:

Women with a history of postpartum depression who want advice on how to manage future pregnancies

Women with significant mood and anxiety symptoms related to their menstrual cycle

Women with significant mood and anxiety symptoms during perimenopause

Women with other psychiatric concerns related to times of reproductive change

These services will be offered with each patient’s particular needs in mind. There are many different ways to address most psychiatric illnesses, and Dr. Dossett will collaborate with each patient to choose the types of treatment that are most appropriate. This collaboration will be honest, open, and based on the best of medical research, as well as Dr. Dossett’s training experience. These recommendations can then be used by each woman in her regular health care setting. Please note that Dr. Dossett is not able to provide ongoing care or prescriptions, but that this will be expected of your regular prenatal or mental health care provider.